Thursday, January 26, 2012

Creating a Font part 2


In the second part, comes the lowercase gliffs, numbers and some punctuation marks. This went quicker than doing the uppercase for a couple of reasons. Being more familiar with the procedure and the programs was one and the other was the gliffs were less complicated. The process would have been even less time if the Illustrator action that I wrote would have worked. The action wasn't recording the Expand Appearance. If it had, it would have taken 5 seconds to transfer each gliff from Illustrator to Font Creator.
Oh well. I'm looking forward in trying a different  font program and will let you know the results.

Tuesday, January 24, 2012

Creating a Font


This the first half of the of the lessons on creating our own font - Uppercase.
I enjoyed making the gliffs, but it's a long meticulous procedure. It took some work and a lot of trial and error to get a brush stroke that I liked and that would also render correctly in the font program. Since this is a jpeg of the font, it doesn't show that in the bolder part of the letter, there is actually a space caused by having two strokes adjacent  to each other. I'm in search for Illustrator brushes that similar to a few of my Photoshop brushes to try another font set. 

Tuesday, January 17, 2012

Animating Brushes

The challenge was to incorporate the use of three different Photoshop brushes into a photograph, then animate brushes in Flash using masks. 

Well, I didn't want to do any type of floral design decoration, so I went thescenic route.
Though I made the brushes of the sheep and stroked them on a path, I wasn't quite satisfied with it and I didn't think the border collie joke was good enough to pull it off. So I did another one.
In the Lake Tapps / Mt. Rainier, I thought the brushes needed a little extra so I added a bevel and emboss and inner shadow effects to the trees and leaves brushes as well as a drop shadow to the grass brushes. I animated the smoke, trees and leaves in Flash, then did a motion tween on the ground to fade in and a shape tween to the explosion smoke brushes. Before I added the title and ending, I wasn't satisfied with the fast speed of the animation, so I had to add some increments to the animation and extra frames to get the final results.

If I did each tree and leaf on its own layer, it would have given the image more dimension, As it is, I have more than enough layers already (Flash was running a little slooow.) 

Monday, January 16, 2012

Welcome to My Humble Blog

Thanks for stopping by.
The Flash banner in this blog is the beginning of the design for my Art of Design web site.  If you follow, the site will come. It will be announced here first ,when it is completed.
I will be including assignments from the Digital Design Program at Pierce College as well as my personal work that I hopefully will have time to create and post. In the meantime, I hope you enjoy this blog site as much as I hope to have creating it.