Sunday, February 26, 2012

Popup Movie

Well the tour is complete (for now). I need to add video and animations and of course, fix the shadow on the photographs, which didn't show before rendering.
At this moment, I'm waiting for my movie in AE to render. At this time (6pm on Sunday), it has rendered 446 frames out of 1755 and has taken 4 hours with an estimate of 10 hours and 24 minutes to go. Which means, it should be ready for me in the morning. However, with every frame that it completes, it tacks on another minute to the estimated time left.
I had to to keep fine tuning it, didn't I?

Update: At 4am still only 22 seconds of the 58 done. I put what I had to music and will finish it later.
Luckily all the time I did put in on the assignment paid off. I was able to put another one together in about an hour. This one rendered in 7 minutes.  whewww!

Lesson Review - or Brian-isms
Larger resolution-Longer Render Time
More Lights-Longer Render Time
More Shadows/Specularity-Longer Render Time

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