Wednesday, March 14, 2012

Taking the Stairs

The image is a section of a staircase, which I then rain it through a number of differt adtions to form larger shapes. Most were simple one or two steps, but a few involved multiple steps. It started with the whells and grew fromthere. The stacks were acheived by adding the mozaic filter and changing the blending mode blending. The smoke took a little bit of thinking and trial and error. I starting using the polarizing filter and blur, but ended up using the blur, transformation, and opacity to get the final results. More than half wy through and too late to turn back, the image reminded me of Blue Meanies. I know only a handful of people who know hwo saves the day. Brian, of course, you're one of them. Craig, you're the other.

This one goes with the 3D Text post but I didn't want you to see it until you viewed the image above.

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